About Us

Sterling Drivers supply temporary driving and logistics staff to businesses of all shapes and sizes

What We're All About

Our aim is to be the first place to look when you’re in need of skilled, specialist drivers for postal/courier services, retail distribution, general logistics and much more.

Driven by customer service

The needs of the customer always comes first. We could see the courier networks struggled to get high quality and reliable agency drivers to help with the huge increase in demand. We set out to fix this problem and Sterling Drivers was born.

Chris Simpson
Our Vision

Who We Are

"We saw a gap in the market and were quick to jump on this..."

Sterling Drivers was set up on 2020 when the founders saw a gap in the market, which they were ready and willing to help fill.

2020 was an extraordinary year. The UK and the rest of the World was in the midst of global pandemic, which accelerated the shift to ecommerce. People could not shop in stores and out of necessity turned to online retail. With that came a huge challenge to the courier networks. The massive increases in parcel volumes meant more drivers would be needed for that final mile delivery. The courier firms struggled to get enough drivers – and more importantly reliable ones – through their normal channels for temporary staffing and this is where Sterling Drivers came in. Our team developed a stringent selection process in conjunction with our customers to make sure that the quality of drivers we provide, fully meets their needs.

Years of experience

The team behind Sterling Drivers have years of experience in the transport and logistics industry.

Responsive and available

We are known for our ability to react quickly and are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Highest quality standards

Our temporary drivers and logistics staff are all highly competent, assessed and fully referenced.